5 Construction Apps to Boost Your Productivity in 2016

“You can't expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools, and expect to be in business tomorrow.” —Unknown

Take a look at your business. Are you equipped with the best tools available — or is it business as usual? In a time where technology rules the world, it is vital to use the technological advances to your advantage. They increase work speed, improve communication and overall boost productivity. We’ve researched available apps on the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores and identified these top apps based on customer reviews, prices and relevance. Do not settle with the same-old-same. Take your business to the next level with the help of your favorite handheld device.

5 Innovative Apps for Construction

Contractor Estimate & Invoice— Free

Joist Inc.

Contractor Estimate & Invoice is combines many of your favorite tools into one, convenient, application. With the help of this app, contractors can calculate material and labor costs, create invoices, keep track of payments and export all the data to a contractor’s favorite accounting program. It is the one-stop-shop a contractor needs to digitally keep track of a job.

Work Log Pro — $2.99

AR Productions

Any good businessperson understands the one expense that can be controlled at all times is payroll. With the help of Work Log, a manager can keep a close eye on shift hours, breaks, overtime and even mileage. The Work Log Pro keeps records by week, month, year, pay period or all recorded shifts, and they can be exported to a spreadsheet for ease and convenience. It’s an easy way to track your team and stay within budget.

Photo Measures — $4.99

Big Blue Pixel Inc.

It’s time to take measurements for the installation of a new drywall panel or acoustical ceiling. So you take out your tape measure, hope that it catches and stays put as you stretch it against the wall — right? Wrong. The quicker, and easier, way to measure is to pull out the Photo Measures app and take a quick picture of the area you are trying to measure. You can then draw your measurements right onto the photo, add comments and even export the room to a PDF. With the help of the Photo Measures app you can leave that rusty, flimsy, measuring tape in the toolbox where it belongs.

Construction Master Pro — $29.99

Calculated Industries

If you are constantly determining area and volume solutions for drywall siding and paneling or basic to advanced circular calculations, this app is a must download. Construction Master Pro also helps calculate right angle solutions, feet-inch-fractions, inch fractions, yards and so much more. This app is simple to use, and you never have to worry about misplacing your calculator ever again.

Fieldwire — Free

FieldWireLabs, Inc.

Fieldwire helps a contractor take their office on the road with them. Through the app, a contractor can view plans and blueprints, track issues, and manage tasks. Built with the busy contractor in mind, Fieldwire allows you to add multiple projects, share with the entire team and keep your business running smooth on the go.

Technology Makes A Difference

While your current methodology to conducting business may not be flawed in anyway, there are many great apps available to help you redefine the way you do business. These apps, and other innovative solutions like them, make it easy and convenient to manage your day-to-day operations through a handheld — saving you time and helping to separate you from the competition. For more helpful tips for commercial and residential contractors, visit today.

All apps are created and maintained by a 3rd party. GMS does not endorse, certify, or recommend any of the before mentioned commercial products.

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