GMS Exhibits at the 2015 AWCI Convention + INTEX Expo

As part of GMS’ commitment to our customers, it’s critical for us to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news. Part of that means attending and participating in the industry’s top rated trade shows. This week, we’ll be headed to Long Beach, California to exhibit at the AWCI Convention + INTEX Expo. If you’re coming to the show, stop by and say hello – we’ll be at INTEX booth #343.


Why go to Trade Shows?

Trade shows are an integral part of being involved in any industry, but it is especially important in the building materials industry. Trade shows, like the AWCI Convention + INTEX Expo, allow us to meet with industry professionals and provide opportunities to network, attend seminars, and learn about changes and developments in the industry. According to the itinerary on AWCI’s website, there will be plenty of opportunities to do just that at this year’s convention.

Slated for appearance is J.B. Bernstein, the man who inspired the 2014 blockbuster film “Million Dollar Arm”. Bernstein will address the conference attendees during the general session. With over 25 years of experience in sports marketing and consumer goods industries, Bernstein is well acquainted with what it takes to yield positive results in a competitive environment.

There are also numerous professional development seminars offered throughout the course of the event, hosted by seasoned industry professionals. Topics on the event’s roster range from gypsum installation to immigration, reflecting the vast amount of changes that the industry has experienced in the past few years.

The Take Away

Aside from the general knowledge that can be gleaned from attending a trade show, there are also the invaluable connections made between professionals. It’s a valuable time to hold face-to-face meetings with prospects, vendors and customers.

If you are attending the conference, let us know what sessions you’re most looking forward to, give us your best recommendations, and of course, let us know if you want to connect with us. GMS will be at INTEX booth #343.

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