Human Rights Policy


Gypsum Management and Supply, Inc. (“GMS”) is committed to fostering a safe and respectful workplace, where the ethical treatment of people is essential to maintaining our culture. Our human rights policy applies to GMS and all of our subsidiaries, regardless of location. Furthermore, we fully understand that we do have a joint responsibility with our partners throughout the supply chain, to work together to support Human Rights.


At GMS, every person is important and as such, we seek to foster a workplace that embraces differences in viewpoints, cultures, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation, identity, and expression. We strive to protect the rights of women and minorities (indigenous and otherwise). Our differences can help make us a stronger team and the diversity in our opinions and ideas makes us better able to serve our customers.


Providing a safe work environment for our employees, vendors and customers is a primary mission for all of us at GMS, as well as our family of companies.

We abide by all safety requirements and regulations and endeavor to eliminate unsafe conditions and minimize related risks by identifying and supporting safe work practices, promoting safety awareness, furnishing protective equipment, and providing employee training and education. We work together to protect our employees and customers by promoting a culture of shared responsibility with collaborative program development, best practices, and the open exchange of suggestions, ideas and concerns. In all instances, we do not tolerate child or forced labor.


The local communities where we live and work are important to us, because at GMS, every person is important. We pursue environmentally sound business practices and beyond complying with applicable laws, regulations, and other environmental standards and guidelines, we seek to lead in a responsible and sustainable manner. Further, we are all accountable for reporting any practice that is harmful to the environment, is unsafe, or does not comply with our Company’s policies, applicable laws, or any other rule or regulation.


All employees, customers, vendors and business associates are to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Conduct that threatens, intimidates or coerces another associate, customer, vendor or business associate will not be tolerated. Conduct that fails to show appropriate respect to others, including employees, customers, vendors and business associates, violates the Company’s values and Code of Ethics.

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