Our Construction Safety Practices

Training, Protocols and Certification

We believe preparation and training are key elements to ensuring job site safety for our people and others, both on and off the job site. Each subsidiary trains and certifies all of its operators in-house so they are prepared to safely perform their job, whether it’s managing materials in the warehouse or delivering materials to the local construction job site. Local safety managers oversee vehicle maintenance, direct safety reviews and implement weekly safety meetings providing continuous safety training on boom cranes, fall protection, hazard communication, materials handling and more. GMS is a drug-free workplace which goes hand-in-hand with our safety culture. Each one of our delivery employees is trained to:

  • Recognize and respond to unsafe conditions and hazards
  • Use Safety Task Force® approved personal protective equipment
  • Adhere to safe work practices
  • Follow all established safety rules

Committed to Job Site Safety

We strive to provide the highest level of safety not only for our crew, but for your crew, other delivery partners and people on the construction job site. Prior to delivery to your job site, we conduct pre-delivery reviews documenting specific requirements and safety considerations. Post-delivery, we conduct job site reviews to ensure our crew delivered to our high standards. We are fully committed to regulatory compliance under OSHA and DOT.  Our management team regularly conducts job site visits to ensure our crews are in compliance, and that our safety and service standards are meeting both our expectations as an employer, and your expectations as our customer.

In addition, if you have a job site that requires specialized or dedicated training, we’re here to help. Our team will implement existing training programs with your team or we’ll design specialized training for your specific job site requirements.

Consistency Across Geographies

With GMS, you don’t have to worry about safety from site to site and region to region, our safety protocols are the highest in the industry with network wide training for optimal and consistent implementation.  We employ a regional network of safety managers who work closely with dedicated safety professionals at our subsidiaries.  These regional managers develop training curriculums, advise on latest changes in OSHA and DOT compliance, share best practices, and ensure that all GMS locations adhere to the same high level of safety protocols. GMS implements the latest technology to ensure uniformity in the way our safety standards are measured.  Our inspections, audits, and observations are in tandem with regulatory requirements and are some of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Continuous Improvement

We are continually improving our operations with training, performance tracking, and implementation of advanced safety protocols. Our weekly safety meetings encourage the sharing of best practices and open exchange of ideas, suggestions and concerns, helping us improve processes or develop new methods and protocols.

Proper Safety Equipment

The right equipment is key to doing the job right, and that is true for job site safety also. GMS created the Safety Task Force, made up of safety professionals from across the company, to provide our employees with quality and tested safety equipment. Our local yards not only provide optimal safety equipment for our crews, but for our customers as well. Our showrooms stock safety gear and supplies so you can be assured your crews are using the best gear available.


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