Our Story


Gypsum Management & Supply's Story

When the first GMS company opened its doors in 1971, customer service was and continues to be the cornerstone of everything we do. In total, we distribute over 20,000 unique products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, all across the nation. In addition to gypsum wallboard and acoustical products, we supply a comprehensive inventory of other building materials, including FRP boards, metal framing, insulation, exterior insulation and finish systems, ready-mix joint compound, tools, and various other related interior construction products.

GMS operates in a growing network of subsidiary companies throughout the U.S. and Canada with more than 240 distribution centers. The Yard Support Center in Tucker, Georgia serves each GMS location, providing the support needed to enable them to continue their outstanding service of contractors and builders in their local communities. It is this unique approach that has served local customers well for decades. It is a foundation of the way GMS does business.

Our Philosophy


You Can Never Go Wrong Doing The Right Thing

That singular philosophy is the operating principle of every GMS company nationwide. It begins by doing the right thing with our companies. Each yard is locally managed. Decisions are made at the local level, to attend to the specific needs of local customers.

Win-Win Relationships

From specialty products, to custom delivery schedules, to local building codes and product performance advice for regional climates, our local companies make doing business more than a transaction, they make it a win–win relationship.

Two Critical Qualities

Our companies pride themselves on professionalism on the job, but that begins at the individual level with two critical qualities – caring and pride.

Our people care about solving problems, about making decisions that help our customers’ businesses, about doing the job on time so construction can proceed on schedule. Our people have pride in their interactions with customers, in their ability to deliver with uncommon performance, to respond with unexpected speed.

The people at GMS companies combine caring and pride with the skills to perform at the highest levels in the industry for one purpose – to make you and your project a success.

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It’s easy to get in touch with us. We’re your neighbors and we’re here to help. Give us a call, drop by or fill out our Contact Us form and let’s talk.

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