Corporate Responsibility

GMS is a leading North American specialty distributor of interior building products. Our product offering of wallboard, ceilings, and interior construction products serves the needs of commercial and residential contractors.

Vision, Mission & Values

GMS’ unique culture combines a results-driven environment with a highly entrepreneurial, self- starter attitude, coupled with service to others, humility, and mutual respect, and is guided by a strong Vision, Mission & Core Values:


We will be the premier distributor in every market we serve through embracing our unique culture and professional humility.


We create opportunities, build significant relationships and deliver solutions.


At GMS, our core values are more than words – they’re the foundation on which our company was built and woven into everything we do.

  • Our people have the independence and authority to make a difference.
  • We invest in relationships and every person is important.
  • Our highest priority is serving others.
  • We passionately pursue a safe work environment along with a relentless focus on operational excellence.
  • We believe you can never go wrong doing the right thing.

Human Rights

GMS is committed to fostering a safe and respectful workplace, where the ethical treatment of people is essential to maintaining our culture. Our position on human rights applies to GMS and all of our subsidiaries. We fully understand that we have a joint responsibility with our partners throughout the supply chain to work together to support Human Rights.

We Value Diversity

Every person is important and as such, at GMS we have a responsibility to foster a workplace that values contributions and perspectives from a variety of backgrounds, skills, and experiences regardless of race, color, age, sex, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or veteran status. Our differences make us a stronger team and the diversity in our thoughts and ideas makes us better able to serve our customers and other stakeholders. Both our Board of Directors and Leadership Team are fully committed to carrying out this responsibility and recognize our work here is never done.

In response, GMS has established a formal Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) program, with a dedicated, full-time leader, and is building a comprehensive I&D vision and strategy to do our part to drive change. Recognizing this is a continuous journey, we have committed human and financial resources to develop and execute this strategy and further this important work, with regular counsel from, and oversight by, our Board of Directors.

Our I&D commitment is focused not only within GMS but among our communities as well.  GMS has provided financial support to the Thillen Education Foundation (TEF) scholarship fund. TEF, in partnership with Greene College and Career Academy in Greene County Georgia, combines college and career advisory services, career coaching and earned scholarship dollars to help Greene County high school students graduate and thrive in their post-secondary education and career aspirations.  A significant majority of Greene County High School’s student body lives at or below the poverty level, so the goal of TEF and Greene College is to break the cycle of poverty through education. In addition to financial support, GMS provides partnership to support the Greene College’s Construction Career Pathway, leveraging the expertise of our operations teams nearby in Augusta, Atlanta and Tucker, Georgia. We are honored to join TEF and Green College and look forward to continuing to learn from our partnership to inform and evolve our I&D journey.

We Value Health and Safety

Providing a safe work environment for our employees, vendors, and customers is a primary mission for all of us at GMS, as well as our family of companies. We abide by all safety requirements and regulations and endeavor to eliminate unsafe conditions and minimize related risks by identifying and supporting safe work practices, promoting safety awareness, furnishing protective equipment, and providing employee training and education. Further details of our comprehensive safety program, including our safety mission statement, can be found under Safety.

A recent example of our safety philosophy at work is the implementation of a comprehensive and uniform vehicle fall protection safety policy across our organization in order to mitigate the risk of falls from vehicles, a potentially serious safety hazard in our business, which, while having a low incidence of occurrence, can result in severe injury, permanent disability, or death. 

We work together to protect our employees and customers by promoting a culture of shared responsibility with collaborative program development, best practices, and the open exchange of suggestions, ideas, and concerns.

In all instances, we do not tolerate child or forced labor.

We Value Respectful Relationships

All employees, customers, vendors, and business associates are to be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Conduct that threatens, intimidates, coerces, or fails to show appropriate respect to others, including employees, customers, vendors, and business associates, violates the Company's Values and Code of Ethics and will not be tolerated.

Environmental Responsibility

GMS is committed to conducting business in a manner that seeks to protect the environment through compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and is dedicated to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations. Our environmental responsibility policy applies to GMS and all of our subsidiaries, regardless of location. Furthermore, we fully understand that while we are not the manufacturer of any of the products in our portfolio, we feel we have a joint responsibility with our manufacturing and other partners throughout the supply chain network to work together to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations.

Central to our policy are the following objectives:

  • Monitor the effects of our directly-controlled activities and seek to minimize any adverse impact upon our environment.

  • Communicate our environmental objectives, goals and performance both within the company to promote individual good practice and to ensure that employee awareness of environmental issues is maintained, and outside of our business to our supply chain partners and beyond.

  • Wherever possible and practical, give preference to environmentally aware and proficient suppliers.

  • Continuously improve our environmental performance and wherever possible integrate recognized environmental management best practice into all of our business operations, including:

    • Minimizing waste and ensuring that there is effective control, which promotes recycling where possible and provides responsible disposal, particularly with regard to hazardous wastes.

    • Giving due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance in all our commercial activities, including facilities, transportation and equipment decisions.

    • Encouraging our employees to consider environmental responsibilities and to integrate these considerations into relevant business operations.

  • Comply with current relevant environmental legislation, allocating the necessary resources to do so, and beyond this to adopt a best-practice approach to improving our processes in order to lessen our overall environmental impact.

Our primary source of greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption is related to the operation and use of delivery trucks and other vehicles in our business. Efforts to improve the efficiency of our vehicle fleet include a company-wide adoption of fleet optimization and logistics software and technology, among other initiatives. In addition, where possible, we seek to operate portions of our fleet with environmentally friendlier sources of energy, with approximately 45% of our warehouse and truck forklift fleet powered by propane or electricity.

Cyber Security/Data Protection

GMS takes a risk-based approach to implementing cyber security controls and capabilities to protect company, customer, payment, and employee data and information. Using industry standards and best in class technology and partners, our focus on cyber security is an important part of our overall risk management program and our board of directors reviews our cyber security and data protection programs on a quarterly basis.

Cyber Security

Our cyber security program is managed by our Information Security and Privacy Office, a team of information security professionals led by our Chief Information Officer, and is aligned with three recognized control frameworks:  ISO 2701: 2013, NIST SP 800-53, and SANS Top 20 Critical Cyber Security Controls.  As threats continually evolve, updating our programs is an ongoing process. We have invested, and will continue to invest, in protecting, monitoring, alerting and mitigating information security risks across the organization.

In the event of a security issue, our IT Security Incident Response Policy is used to triage, contain, and understand the issue as quickly as feasible, as well as to determine how to protect against it going forward. We have also retained an external provider to further support our efforts to prevent security incidents and to appropriately respond if we encounter one.

External and internal resources perform penetration testing and audits in areas such as incident response and cyber security risk on a regular basis. An external qualified security assessor performs an annual review to certify our compliance with the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards.

Data Protection

Our Privacy Policy governs how we collect, use, and share information we receive from our customers or website visitors. We maintain both data classification and retention policies to reduce the exposure of unauthorized access of data and comply with regulatory requirements. We make every effort to have reasonable security procedures in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control, including striving to minimize the customer data collected to limit the potential data exposure risks. We also perform disaster recovery exercises regularly to validate our ability to recover data and technology in the event of a major incident or disaster event.

Training and Awareness

We provide security and data protection awareness training to employees on a quarterly basis as well as other targeted security training for key departments dealing with sensitive data types. We also perform regularly phishing exercises to ensure team members are aware and educated about phishing threats and trained to identify and avoid them.

Employee Responsibility

Since our founding in 1971, GMS and its subsidiary companies have always believed in helping employees and their families in time of need. To this point, in September of 2017, the GMS Family Fund was created. GMS Family Fund, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization that GMS employees and other parties can donate to in order to support fellow employees in times of need.

The fund is available to any eligible GMS employee who has been affected by an unexpected event that directly affects the employee or an immediate family member, causing financial distress to the employee. Among other situations, the GMS Family Fund has supported families facing home damage related to natural disasters, provided assistance with funeral expenses, and given aid to individuals involved in vehicle accidents.

For more information or to make a donation, visit

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