Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

GMS is committed to conducting business in a manner that seeks to protect the environment through compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and is dedicated to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations. Our environmental responsibility policy applies to GMS and all of our subsidiaries, regardless of location. Furthermore, we fully understand that while we are not the manufacturer of any of the products in our portfolio, we feel we have a joint responsibility with our manufacturing and other partners throughout the supply chain network to work together to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations.

Central to our policy are the following objectives:

  • Monitor the effects of our directly-controlled activities and seek to minimize any adverse impact upon our environment.

  • Communicate our environmental objectives, goals and performance both within the company to promote individual good practice and to ensure that employee awareness of environmental issues is maintained, and outside of our business to our supply chain partners and beyond.

  • Wherever possible and practical, give preference to environmentally aware and proficient suppliers.

  • Continuously improve our environmental performance and wherever possible integrate recognized environmental management best practice into all of our business operations, including:

    • Minimizing waste and ensuring that there is effective control, which promotes recycling where possible and provides responsible disposal, particularly with regard to hazardous wastes.

    • Giving due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance in all our commercial activities, including facilities, transportation and equipment decisions.

    • Encouraging our employees to consider environmental responsibilities and to integrate these considerations into relevant business operations.

  • Comply with current relevant environmental legislation, allocating the necessary resources to do so, and beyond this to adopt a best-practice approach to improving our processes in order to lessen our overall environmental impact.

Our primary source of greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption is related to the operation and use of delivery trucks and other vehicles in our business. Efforts to improve the efficiency of our vehicle fleet include a company-wide adoption of fleet optimization and logistics software and technology, among other initiatives. In addition, where possible, we seek to operate portions of our fleet with environmentally friendlier sources of energy, with approximately 45% of our warehouse and truck forklift fleet powered by propane or electricity.

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