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GMS is the parent company to a growing network of more than 60 subsidiary companies with over 300 locations across the United States and Canada. GMS is a down-to-earth, get-the-job-done company with a culture that feels like family. Here, jeans aren’t just for casual Fridays – most of us wear them every day. Colleagues often turn into lifelong friends, and you will work with people you enjoy and trust.

Take the Challenge

Our internship positions allow you to apply the skills you learned in college to the workplace, offering challenges and learning opportunities along the way. Positions provide the chance to network with experienced professionals, grow and expand your skill set, and become familiar with the industry. We seek independent thinkers who challenge the norm with innovative solutions for an ever-changing marketplace.

Corporate Internship Program – Tucker, GA

GMS offers a variety of internship positions in our Tucker location, including Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Information Systems, Human Resources, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Safety/Risk Management. This formal 12-week summer program is open to undergraduate students. In addition to responsibilities within the job description, interns have the chance to:

  • Collaborate with other interns and teams on multi-departmental projects
  • Attend company socials and events
  • Visit a GMS yard and/or jobsite
  • Give a comprehensive presentation of what they learned through the program

Yard Location Internship Positions

An internship in one of our locations gives you exposure to many areas of our business including sales, purchasing and inventory management, accounting and billing, office administration and general operations. If you are interested in hearing more about internships at one of our locations, please contact the recruiting team.

Intern Testimonials

  • Michaela, Marketing Intern
    • "I had real responsibilities within the department and was able to make a positive impact on the company through social media marketing."
  • Blake, HR Intern
    • "The thing I remember most is the people. I remember in our final HR meeting, I looked around the room and was proud of the connections I made this summer."
  • Tanya, Systems Integration Intern
    • "I had a really great summer working with everyone, I was lucky enough to work with people from all different departments, which gave me a broad view of how the company operates." 
  • Lois, Accounting Intern 
    • "I gained valuable insight into my future occupation just from talking with coworkers and listening to their stories about how they got where they are." 

Internship FAQs

Internship FAQs

  • What areas at GMS offer internship opportunities?
    • Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Information Systems, Human Resources, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Safety/Risk.
  • What is the time frame of the Summer Internship?
    • Internships in our Tucker location are for 12 weeks. Each internship begins in the middle of May and ends in early August. Timeframes for internships at our yard locations may vary.
  • Are internships part time or full time?
    • Internships are full time (35-40 hours a week)
  • Is this a paid internship?
    • Yes. Interns are paid on an hourly basis.
  • Does GMS offer housing assistance?
    • No, but housing recommendations will be provided when needed.
  • How do I apply?
    • Apply through our careers page. If you do not see an internship available, please send your resume to
  • Who is qualified for an internship?
    • Our internships are for undergraduate students.
  • When will interns be selected?
    • Interns go through a normal interview process that typically includes a phone interview and an in person interview. Once interviews are conducted, candidates will be contacted regarding the company's decision.

Reach Out and Talk to Us

If you would like to know more about careers at GMS or would like to submit your resume, contact our recruiting team today.