Safe Driver Recognition Program

An important part of our risk and safety program is recognition of those committed to creating and preserving an accident and injury free workplace. Because our workplaces extend beyond our yards, we trust our commercial vehicle drivers to transport materials safely and efficiently to our customers. Our drivers must navigate adverse weather, unsafe drivers, pedestrians, road construction, overhead obstructions, and many other conditions in densely populated and high traffic areas of the country.

Under this new program, our commercial motor vehicle drivers will be recognized and rewarded for their professional operation of our equipment, consistent care, and skill behind the wheel ultimately reducing risk and promoting a culture of safety.


To qualify for the GMS Safe Driver Recognition Program an employee must:

  • Be a driver of a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)

  • Reach either a mileage OR year-based milestone 

Milestones & Awards

Milestones & Awards:

  • Bronze - 50,000 miles or 3 years

  • Silver - 125,000 miles or 6 years

  • Gold - 250,000 miles or 10 years

  • Platinum - 375,000 miles or 15 years

  • Diamond - 500,000 miles or 20 years

Recognized and Awarded Bronze Drivers 

These drivers earned the bronze award for their safe driving.  

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