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Since the founding of Gypsum Management & Supply (GMS) in 1971, providing great - not just good - customer service has been the foundation of everything we do. Our philosophy is this: “You can never go wrong doing the right thing.”

In fact, that’s the operating principle of every GMS company across the nation. Ask our people. They’ll tell you. GMS insights are just one more way of doing that for you. We want to be a resource to make your job better, safer, and more efficient. Ultimately, we want to be that partner you can turn to, ensuring that you’re fully equipped with all the information needed to support your local customers.

Business Principles in Practice

We are service oriented. We believe in getting things done on time, and so do your customers. We are here to help you complete the job on time so construction can proceed on schedule.  We want to make this relationship, the relationship between a company and a customer, a win-win. Better business practices make better business, and we are striving to be the best.

Another guiding principle for GMS is our commitment to safety, at all levels of the business. We know that working in the building industry can be tough and is inherently risky, and that’s why we take safety seriously. We strive to be a leader in safety standards, to set an example and lead the industry in best practices. GMS provides safety training to our employees and helps you get the job done on time - and all while helping your people stay safe.

Our goal is to provide you with relevant, timely industry news and information, specific to your needs as a professional. That means a lot of things to the GMS company – it means our delivery crew is up earlier than your crew to make sure the products are there are time. It means many of our employees have been drywall contractors and installers themselves, giving them insider expertise that only comes with experience.

Local Business, Local Knowledge

This expertise comes in handy every day as we distribute our more than 10,000 unique products, from the industry’s leading manufacturers, nationwide. You can find one of our yards in nearly every state and through them, we strive to meet each and every need of our customers. Whether you’re a DIYer doing a small home repair job for the first time, or a large residential contractor constructing a new development for the hundredth time, our knowledgeable staff of seasoned professionals is here to help. We will take this knowledge from our expert staff and will provide meaningful and insightful information in an ongoing effort to further support you.

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