Joint Treatment and Finishes

Gypsum Management & Supply is the largest independent distributor of drywall products in the United States and Canada. GMS is also a leading distributor of quality joint treatment products and drywall finishing solutions in your area.

Joint Treatments and Finishes

Buy the Best Joint Treatments and Finishes from Gypsum Management & Supply

There’s a solution for all your needs when you shop for drywall finishes and joint treatments at GMS. Across our nationwide network of GMS subsidiary companies, we offer a comprehensive selection of wallboard finishing accessories, including:

  • All-purpose drywall muds
  • Drywall accessories
  • Drywall corners
  • Drywall beads
  • Firestop finishing compounds
  • Mud set tools
  • Patches
  • Ready-mix joint compounds
  • Setting compounds
  • Spray textures
  • Taping joint compounds
  • Trims
  • Textured finishes

GMS Delivers

Joint Treatments Delivered from GMS

GMS delivers drywall finishing supplies and other construction materials directly to your job site.